About Skillslash

Become a certified industry expert from the best data science training provider

Old ways of learning, we feel, should be challenged. Besides, we intend to debunk myths about the importance of academic certifications.

Core values of Skillslash

Certification isn't required for knowledge

Being the leading data science training provider, we give you the opportunity to work directly with industry experts on latest projects.

Working on relevant industry projects is a necessary part of learning. Further, our training allows you to develop your abilities and get employed in top businesses. Moreover, we believe our data science training can help you upgrade your skill set and get first preference in the hiring process.

We are committed to make education accessible to all people by keeping our courses affordable and transparent. In addition, we provide opportunities for students to test out courses for free before committing to the complete programme.

Besides, we have tied up with some of India’s most promising AI and machine learning businesses to bring domain expertise to our students. Also, this prepares them to flourish in their careers. Further, we aim that SkillSlash will disrupt the e-learning arena for professionals with our well-designed curriculum and a strong focus on practical data science training.

What We Believe

Knowledge Vs Certifications

We intend to shatter myths about the importance of mere academic credentials. According to us, real-world project experience is more valuable than any academic diploma. Because of the scramble for certificates, this industry has become exorbitantly expensive and thus illusive. It’s time we bring a change to it. Thus, being a dominant data science training provider we aim to bring quality education, breaking stereotypes.