About Company

Get Industry Experience And Get Hired

We believe that old ways of learning should be challenged. We plan to shatter stereotypes around the need for academic certifications

Our Core Values

Knowledge needs no Certification.

Learning is incomplete without working on relevant industry projects. Our training which involves directly working with industry on latest projects helps you to upgrade your skills and get hired in top companies.

We are passionate about making education affordable by keeping our courses reasonably priced and transparent so that learners get a chance to access courses at a minimal entry fee before they actually decide to go for the full program.
We are partnered with some of the leading startups in India working in the AI and ML space to provide domain expertise to our learners preparing them to excel at their jobs. With a well designed curriculum and an acute focus on practical training, SkillSlash will disrupt the e-learning space for professionals

What We Believe

Knowledge Vs Certifications

We plan to shatter stereotypes around the need for academic certifications. We believe in the value of real project experience over any academic certificate. The race for certifications has led to this industry becoming outrageously expensive and therefore elusive.