Pragyan Prakash

As a part of the Full stack course in Data Science i had a great learning experience. I was able to successfully move into a data science role in 7 months , which was amazing. All this would not have been possible without the consistent efforts of the Skillslash team. They have very good instructors and a very engaging classroom which is why i was able to learn the important skills very quickly. They also have a very systematic career guidance track with which i was able to get a lot of interviews before i landed a role but i had consistent support. The best part of my learning was in some of the projects that i did with them. My interviews were all about my projects and i was well prepared for that. Kudos to the team and i wish my best for Skillslash. This is definitely a great place to learn for working professionals. One simple conversation with their counsellor and i was convinced that they are honest people with great interest and experience in the field. You must consider this if you are looking to build a career in data science.