Know The One-Stop Solution to Learn Data Science and Your Successful Career Transition Plan

Top Data Science and AI certification course of 2021’- The most common keywords for lakhs of data science aspirants trying for a successful career switch to data science. But does the associated search result worth this most critical decision to learn data science, the decision of data science career transition, of your life?

Well, the liability of the percentage of ROI of your data science course completely depends on you.

Yes, to ensure a successful data science career switch and a good ROI, you need to choose the right course with the right features to Learn data science. 

Today, I will explore such a course that ensures to hold your hands tightly until you successfully land on a creditable data scientist/ AI/ ML position. In addition, keep providing support for your continued learning and further career growth even after you complete this course. And yes, everything you get at an affordable price. 

Are you getting surprised thinking such a course exists!

Well, Skillslash provides a highly credible Data Science and AI Learning Program complete learning and placement support. So let’s see why these data science courses stand out of the chaotic crowd of online certification and postgraduate diploma courses and promise you a sustainable and lucrative data science career.

Know The One-Stop Solution to Your Successful Data Science Career Transition Plan-skillslash

1. Online classes offering the benefits of traditional face-to-face interactive classroom 

If you are too serious about turning your data science career transition trajectory into the right way, you must have tried several low-paid free online sessions until now. You may have already paid a few bucks for a top-rated data science course and landed on this blog page because you are not satisfied with their classes. 

This happens to so many aspirants. Most of the time, the following aspects generate negative experiences for the learners.

  • The boredom of non-interactive recorder video classes.
  • The problem in solving queries.
  • Long waiting time for getting a solution on chat-based or email-based query generation strategy. 

Skillslash courses wipe out these gaps with complete live online videos, which offer the following features.

  • Interactive online classes that come with an adequate opportunity of clearing your doubts instantly in 1:1 strategy. 

2. Highly Customized Learning Program, Not the Generic One

Data science career demands practical knowledge of the domain as well as technical tools. So, you need to keep your domain experience in mind. A generic data science course will not provide any benefits to you for a sustainable career switch. At Skillslash, you will get courses specially designed for you based on the following measures.

  • Years of experience/ level of your career.
  • Your working domain/ domain of your interest.

Each of the course modules and submodules is designed according to the above-mentioned measure. 

At present, you can choose from the following two courses. 

3. Learn data From Experienced Industry Experts – A chance to prepare yourself with current Skill Set demands 

Learning from a top-rated instructor might give you a better learning experience with easier module breakthroughs, teaching tips and tricks. Such a learning strategy offers you the following benefits.

  • Opportunity to learn the most market demanded modules.
  • Make you comfortable with demanding AI tools and techniques along with any latest technical or conceptual updates.
  • You gain more competitive and job market-ready knowledge. 
  • In addition, you will get to know the requisites for soft skills as per your industry demand. 

These courses train you to step into the data science domain of several product-based MNCs. Here lie the benefits of learning from industrial working professionals and domain experts. 

Work on Live projects to gain real life implementation of Data science

4. Project Experience Certification that takes you one step ahead from the competitive crowd

No certification, even post-graduation, is acceptable to the interview panel until you own a real-time project experience. 

Skillslash offers you the opportunity of doing projects directly with startups according to your chosen domain. And yes, all the projects Skillslash offers are based on the latest business scenarios.

For freshers, we offer internship opportunities too. So, at the end of the course, you get a highly creditable data science project experience certificate that recruiters demand. 

5. Become A Highly Credible Data scientist At an Affordable Cost

You may think the course features I am telling you is going to cost 2 to 3 lakhs. But, in actual Skillslash, AI and ML courses cost less than a lakh. And what you get is a complete package of personalized guidance toward your data science career shift.  

Besides, you have the option of paying the fees in monthly instalments via credit cards. So you have no headache other than concentrating on your learning. You can check Skillslash AI and ML program brochure.

Moreover, you can attain our counselling and online tests to avail of up to 30% of fees as a data science certification scholarship

At present, we are also giving lucrative discounts on COVID affected candidates. (100% scholarship to once who clear the online test and counselling)

6. Unique Add-on Services to Take You Towards The Right Track And Reinforce Your Life-long Learning

Data science is a vast field with the most popular sub-domain likes data analytics, machine learning expert, AI expert. But based on your interest, inner skill sets, working experience, and educational background, not every subdomain is suitable for you. 

As mentioned above, Skillslash is your one-stop solution for a data science career guidance. You will get personalized career counselling opportunities from industry and career experts. This will help you to choose the best-profitable course for you.  

Not only that, these online learning platforms do not step back for the non-programmer. We come with additional modules to support such candidates learning programming from scratch. 

The best feature of skillslash AI and ML courses is you will be prepared for the interview through mock interviews, which will be completely domain and designation specific. So, you can imagine how much market competence you will gather if you choose Skillslash courses.  

Being a real career guide, skillslash has not forgotten about your continued learning. You will get access to all of the LMS for a lifetime. So, you can learn back from the recorded sessions and modules where you need support from instructors or the theoretical section. 

The Final Thought

Most of the aspirants run after the certification tag from foreign universities and Renowned corporate MNCs. Even they spend 3-4 lakh on such courses. 

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But the hidden truth is certification does not matter to the recruiter. Instead, what matters the most is the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and project experience (better to say real-time industrial experience). So, whatever course you choose, keep these measures in mind. 

In case you have decided to register for Skillslash courses, schedule expert counselling here.

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