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Skillslash’s best Data Science course in Bangalore comes with a Guaranteed job referral. Besides, the Data Science and AI courses are curated by leading faculties and industry leaders. Especially, with the aim to provide practical data science learning experience with live interactive classes and projects.

Module 0 Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction to Programming ( 3 hrs )

Source code Vs bytecode Vs machine code, Compiler Vs Interpreter, C/C++, Java Vs Python.

Chapter 2: code editors basics (1 hrs)

Different type of code editors in python, Introduction to Anaconda and IDEs

Chapter 3: python basics (1 hrs)

Variable Vs Identifiers, Strings Operators Vs Operand, Procedure oriented Vs Modular programming.

Chapter 4: statistics basics & probability (1 hrs)

Measures of Central Tendency & dispersion, Inferential statistics and Sampling theory.

Module 1 - Programming Essentials

Module 2 - Applied Statistics

Module 3 - Advance Machine Learning

Module 4 - Deep Learning

Project by skillslash
Project by skillslash
Project by skillslash

Module 5 - NLP

Project by skillslash
Project by skillslash
Project by skillslash

Module 6- Reinforcement Learning

Module 7- Computer Vision

Module 8 - DSA ( 12 Weeks )

Project by skillslash
Project by skillslash
Project by skillslash

Module 9 - TOOLS

Project by skillslash
Project by skillslash
Project by skillslash

Program Highlights

350+ Live sessions

15+ Industry Projects

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Program Fees

The Advanced Data science and AI fee start from INR 65,000 (Excluding GST). We aim to deliver to you quality education considering the aspect of feasibility.

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Program Fees

The Advanced Data science and AI fee start from INR 65,000 (Excluding GST). We aim to deliver to you quality education considering the aspect of feasibility.

Payment Partners

Program FeaturesJob Assistance
Live Class Subscription
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Industry Projects
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Adv AI + DSA
Microsoft Certification
Pro₹ 65,000 + GST
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Pro Max₹ 120,000 + GST
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The program is designed for people from various sectors. The variety of participants enriches discussion and interaction.

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    About Data Science

    Data science is a field that combines statistical analysis, programming, and domain expertise to extract insights from data. A data scientist is a professional who uses a combination of statistical and programming skills to extract insights from data, and often works with data in a business or organizational setting. They typically have a strong background in mathematics and computer science, as well as experience in fields such as statistics and machine learning. They use this knowledge to analyze and interpret complex data sets, and use their findings to inform business decisions and drive growth.

    What is Data Science Course and Why opt for this course?

    In today’s world data scientists are constantly increasing in number, as the need and want for data scientists has been found in various sectors from healthcare, business, marketing, technology and finance. Therefore, by learning data science you will be able to tap into a field that is rapidly growing into society and increase your placement and earning chances.

    By opting for our data science course you will thus, be able to create for yourself a strong data science background, earn practical experience and become an ideal candidate for managers and hires.

    Why choose Skillslash for your data science course ?

    As the present time demand for data science is on a rise and you are looking at several other data science course institutes pop up, creating a confusion as to where to enroll. The answer to that is choose Skillslash for your offline and or online data science journey forward, as with us you will. Gain quality applicable skills through real-time knowledge and experience - with us you will be trained and taught the relevant skills you need to learn data science and become a top data scientist through live sessions, personalized course curriculums and stimulated interviews.

    Earn a data science certification from Microsoft - After completing our data science course you will leave with a valuable Microsoft certification. Not only that, you will also receive a Real-time work experience certification from top MNCs/ startups that will give you an edge over your competitors in the real world. Learn at your own Pace - Through our hybrid model with 350+ live sessions and recorded videos you can opt to learn data science at your own flexible comfortable pace without any hassle.

    What are the learning outcomes of our best data science course?

    Our Data Science course program covers a wide range of essential data science topics from the introductory level to the advanced level. Our comprehensive course curriculum trains you in data science projects in Python, C/C++, Advanced Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Applied Statistics and around 20+ tools (including Excel , SQL databases, etc).

    By way of training we aim to provide you with the perfect blend of theory and practical experience and knowledge of data science. Additionally, you also get the chance to predict credit default and learn Google Mobility data, understand Youtube video analytics and much more. We do this through our already in place 350+ live sessions, 15 Industry projects, and stimulated interviews to give our students the added advantage in the real world.

    What is the general course syllabus for the Data Science course ?

    If you are looking to learn data science, our data science course is the way to go as our inclusive and comprehensive course curriculum covers a lot of different topics and tools, to make sure you learn everything important there is to know about data science without leaving anything behind. Our general course syllabus covers all the points in data science from teaching the languages of Python, C/C++, statistics basics and probability, applied statistics, advanced machine learning, deep learning, Data structures and Algorithms.

    Who can sign up for this data science course?

    Our data science course is designed for people from various sectors and levels of knowledge (from graduates, post graduates, intermediate students to freshers and professionals), who are interested in learning data science. We believe that the variety of participation enhances the session discussions and interactions.

    Why One Should Take The Data Science Course? Is Data Science certification being worth pursuing as a career?

    Data science is a highly valuable and in-demand field, and taking a Data science Course can help individuals gain the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in this field. The course would provide an introduction to the key concepts and tools used in data science, such as programming languages, statistical analysis, and machine learning, as well as hands-on experience working with data. The course could also help individuals understand the business applications of data science and how data can be used to inform decision making.

    Regarding Data Science certification online training, it depends on the individual's career goals and the specific certification program. Generally, a data science certification can demonstrate that an individual has a certain level of knowledge and skills in the field, which can be helpful for job applicants or those looking to advance their careers. However, it's important to note that a certification alone may not guarantee a job or a promotion, and employers will also look at an individual's experience and portfolio of work. Therefore, it's worth pursuing a data science certification if it aligns with your career goals and you are willing to put in the time and effort to earn it.

    What are the job opportunities available after completing the course ?

    At, Skillslash after the completion of your chosen course you are awarded not only with a Microsoft certification, but also get guaranteed job referrals. These job referrals include jobs and placement opportunities in various arenas from businesses, private equity firms, startups, MNCs, stock markets, to even healthcare. After completing the data science course you can move onto to become a,

    • Popular Data scientist
    • A Data Analyst
    • Lead or Analytics Manager
    • Data Engineer
    • Database Administrator
    • Statistician
    • Data Architect
    • Business Analyst, and more.
    What are the benefits of our Data Science Certification Course ?

    Our Data science course comes with a bunch of incentives and benefits for you to avail, these include,

    • A completely inclusive high-quality course syllabus
    • Communicate with professionals to create personalized curriculum by industry experts (for professionals)
    • Real-life Hands on project experience with 15+ Industry projects in 6+ domains.
    • Quality live interactive sessions and recorded videos for you to learn at your pace
    • Stimulated live interview sessions to prepare you for the world out there.
    • Dual Certification, a Microsoft certification and a real time work experience certification (by top MNCs/startups).
    • Guaranteed Job referrals.
    • Hybrid course model (online or offline according to your convenience)
    • Short duration of about 5 months with life time accessibility
    What projects and target skills are included in this data science course ?

    Our professional data science course is designed with the aim of providing a hands-on experience and real-time experience to our students. We do this through our professionally designed 15+ Industry projects in 6+ domains. Our course curriculum includes training in the target areas of, programming introduction, conditional and loops, Python programming concepts along with data science projects in Python, Probability theory, Hypothesis Testing and its Applications, regression, time-series analysis, neural networks. The course also covers 20+ target data science tools such as the Excel interface, Excel menus and toolbars, excel formulae and functions, working with charts and graphs, macros, SQL databases and more.

    What is the duration of the data science courses ?

    Our data science course duration varies from institute to institute and is based on the online and or offline model. Roughly, on an average the data science course duration tends to range from 5 months to 3 years.

    What is the data science course fee structure ?

    Our data science course fees on an average starts from INR 65,000 (excluding GST) for the Pro training and INR 1,20,000 (excluding GST) for the Pro Max Training along with monthly EMI options for you to avail our quality education training programs.

    Data Science Industry Growth Forecast (2033-2023)

    The data science market trends forecast both globally and nationally in India are seen to expect a growth towards the better, the numbers of the predicted forecast are as follows,

    • The global data science market was valued at a high 64.12 billion in the year of 2021 and has been projected to grow to USD 81.47 billion in the years of 2022-23.
    • India's big data market was worth around Rs. 157.24 billion in 2022, and it's expected to grow to around Rs. 253.22 billion in 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 10.60% over the 2023-2027 period

    Further, according to reports and analysis by the US News and World report in 2022, the jobs of software developer, data scientist and statisticians are expected to boom and are ranked among the top 10 (out of 100 jobs).

    How different is it to do a data science course online from the traditional offline model?

    Choosing to do an online data science course not only increases the ease of learning, but also increases flexibility in time schedules, and gives you a way to utilize your free periods of time in a useful manner by devoting your time to learning. Moreso, doing your data science course online in comparison to the offline mode of data science training reduces exhaustion, travel time, and also learning time and allows you to go back to your classes through our recorded video sessions and learn at your own pace in comparison to the one kind, and one time learning for the whole class in the offline mode.

    How big is the demand for Data Science course online in India ?

    The field of data science is garnering increasing attention and need in present day India, and this need is constantly rising with the increasing need for people to be able to gather, collect and analyze data in almost all the working sectors of the nation, majorly in the business, stock market and healthcare sectors post covid wherein the need to collect and organize all healthcare data became increasingly important. Data is currently a highly valued form of information in the nation, and the data science market is on a spree looking for talented data scientists to hire to handle their heaps of data in the best possible way.

    This being said, people are looking to learn data science and grab the multiple earning opportunities out there, and to do so are on a constant hunt for online data science courses that will help them learn data science with no hassle.

    Data scientist salary in India and globally

    On average the data scientist salary in India ranges from between INR 3.6 Lakhs to INR 25.9 Lakhs with an annual salary of INR 100 Lakhs. On the other hand globally an average estimate of the pay for a data scientist is around about USD 130,000 to USD 195,000 for a mid-level data scientist.

    What is the ai and data science course component about ?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses are educational resources intended to provide individuals with an understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI), its principles, uses, and techniques. Topics covered in ai and data science courses include Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics, and more.

    What are the benefits of the ai and data science course offered ?

    AI courses are perfect for anyone who wants to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether you're a student, a professional, a researcher, or just someone who wants to get up to speed on the latest trends in AI, there's a course for everyone.

    How wide is the artificial intelligence and data science course scope

    The potential of artificial intelligence and data science courses is captivating, offering a wide range of job prospects, practical applications across a variety of sectors, and the capacity to stimulate innovation and exploration. Whether you are a student, an employed professional, or a career changer, an investment in ai and data science education can provide you with a wealth of opportunities for the future;

    • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science course are in high demand due to the growing demand for skilled professionals in various industries such as Finance, Healthcare, E-commerce, Marketing, Manufacturing, etc.
    • AI courses provide you with the skills to become a Data Scientist or a Machine Learning Engineer. You can also become an AI Specialist or a Data Analyst.
    • AI Technology is constantly evolving. New technologies, algorithms and applications are constantly being developed. AI courses help you to understand and apply the latest AI techniques.
    • AI and Data Science are being used to tackle tough problems in the real world, like predicting things, making recommendations, understanding language, recognizing images, creating autonomous vehicles, and even creating personalized medicine.
    • Data Science and AI also have a big impact on business decisions, as companies are using AI and data science to make smarter decisions, be more efficient, streamline processes, and improve customer experiences. With more and more data being generated by businesses and people, there's a need for artificial intelligence and data science engineering courses that focus on how to handle it, work with it, and use it to make better decisions.
    How to enroll with our artificial intelligence and data science course ?

    To sign up for our data science and AI course, go to our website, check out the AI and data science course catalog, and choose the course that best fits your interests and abilities. Follow the enrollment process, pay for the course, and you’re ready to begin your artificial intelligence and data science engineering learning journey.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn from experts in live-interactive classes under Advanced data science and AI course with Guaranteed job referral.

    • I don’t have coding background. Can I enroll in this Data Science program?

      Coding background is not required to enroll in this Data Science course in Bangalore. You can start from the Beginner module in which we will cover the basics of coding. In fact, prior knowledge in Data Science or ML is also not needed. We will cover all the relevant topics from scratch. The only prerequisite is that you should have a basic understanding of 9th and 10th-grade school maths - just the basics, nothing advanced. Still, we will cover these topics in class, but some prior knowledge would be helpful.

    • Is there an eligibility limit for the data science course?

      Our eligibility criteria is quite wide as it ranges from students to professionals, the eligibility varies depending on the level of courses opted for.

    • What kind of Data Science projects are included as part of the course?

      Skillslash’s Data Science course is fully aligned to meet students’ success. Starting from the curriculum of the Data Science programs, attention is given to ensure the meeting of industry standards. You will directly work industry based capstone projects. With our Data science course training you will work on different case studies on Banking, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, NLP. After Completing Data science Projects skillslash provide project completion certificate.

    • Will there be a make-up class available if I have to miss a Data Science class due to an emergency?

      Firstly, we offer live online classes for ourData Science courseAlso, all of our students have access to the recorded versions of these data science classes. In addition, we also give you unlimited access to these Data Science training sessions. So, you can go back to them whenever you need theoretical help in Data science, in your AI and ML career. As a result, you need not be disappointed if you miss any of the live classes under our Data science courses. However, we strongly advise you to participate in all live classes.

    • What are the various learning options offered under Skillslash's Data Science Course?

      Most importantly, we offer online learning choices for our Data Science with real-work experience. Aside from that, we provide a blended learning program designed specifically for working professionals. In addition, you can participate in live online Data science training sessions in hybrid learning mode. Besides, under our Data science course with 100% placement, you will also be performing some hands-on work on the industrial project site.That said, we can only offer fully online data science classes via live sessions due to the outbreak. This means you can talk to your instructor in real time, just like in a traditional face-to-face session. Besides, now, all practical sessions of our Data Science courses will be conducted using cloud-based services.

    • What kind of Certification does the Data Science training in Bangalore provide?

      Most importantly, by getting our Data science course training in Bangalore, you will not just obtain any ordinary type of certification or academic degree. Instead, we offer a globally recognized real work experience certificate from companies and Microsoft Certification for Data scientist for completing the Data Science training. The firm with which you completed your industrial project can also give you direct certifications.

    • Is there any Placement Assistance available with Data Science Program?

      Yes, with our Data science program our student gets Placement assistance and guaranteed job referral from Data science AI companies. Also all students are provided with a resume building section from Data science industry mentors.

    • Is their a difference in teaching quality between Pro and Pro-max program feature under Skillslash's Data Science courses?

      No, absolutely not. Under both Pro and Pro-max features in our Data Science course, the classes are taken by Data Science experts in 100% live-interactive classes. Also, you can achieve a personalized learning experience with individual attention under our Data Science courses, irrespective of it being Pro or Pro-Max. In addition, for both program features, you can avail domain training and elective tracks for functional/industry specialization.

    • What Kind of Data Science Tools can I Learn by taking this course

      Skillslash Data science course syllabus is created by top industry mentors. So the students can learn all the latest tools avail in Data science training program. Like 45+ tools, including Git, TensorFlow, PySpark, PyTorch, Kafka...

    • How much can I expect to earn as a data scientist?

      The sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential as a data scientist. Being said that, your experience is a major factor in the package you'll receive - so make sure it counts! Leverage your expertise to get the best offer possible. But here are some figures that show what is the average salary for data science professionals as per their experience level: Entry level - Up to 5 Lakhs, Intermediate, Level - Up to 8 Lakhs, Experienced Level - Up to 12.5 Lakhs, Advanced Level - Up to 18 Lakhs, Expert Level - More than 25 Lakhs

    • Are your data science course training sessions live or pre-recorded?

      All of our data science course training sessions are conducted live, in real-time, with an experienced instructor leading the way. These data science sessions are designed to be interactive, allowing participants to engage with the material and ask questions as they arise.You'll log in at a specific time and join a virtual classroom where you'll be able to connect with other participants and our data science trainers. This allows for a collaborative learning environment where everyone can share their experiences and insights.And don't worry if you miss a data science session or need to review the material again, we understand that everyone learns at a different pace. That's why we record all of our data sience sessions and make them available to you after the fact. This way, you'll have the opportunity to revisit the material, reinforce your understanding, and make sure you're keeping up with the rest of the data science class. So, whether you're a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, we've got you covered.

    • Who are the instructors for this Bootcamp?

      All the Data science trainers provided by Skillslash for the Bootcamp are industry veterans with extensive core experience in their respective fields. Our instructors also come with a passion to teach and enjoy interacting with students.

    • Is the data science course a good investment for my money ?

      Yes, our data science course will prove to be a great investment for your money, as with us you will not only learn everything there is to know about data science, but you are given a real life stimulated practical experience as to how to navigate in the real world. There is also the added incentive of a Microsoft certification and the guaranteed job referral scheme offered by our Institutes.

    • How does one become a data scientist ?

      These one of the best data science courses offered, will give you the basic push into understanding and learning all the tools and skills you need to become a data scientist, along with that the data science course training methodology will give you the confidence boost and a real-life edge when it comes to becoming a successful data scientist.

    • How much salary can I expect as a data scientist in India ?

      As a data scientist in India you can expect an average minimum salary of around INR 3.6 lakhs per year.

    • Are the advanced data science and AI courses self-paced or instructor-led?

      Our AI courses are available in the form of self-paced courses and instructor-led courses. The self-paced courses enable learners to learn at their own pace, while the instructor-led courses offer a more structured learning experience with live sessions, assigned tasks, and group discussion.

    • What will I learn in a Data science and AI course?

      In our course on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), students will gain foundational knowledge in topics such as Data Cleaning, Data Analysis, Machine Learning Algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and how to construct AI-driven applications.

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